Path of Totality

What does a dumpster enclosure have in common with a total eclipse? Quite a bit, actually. On August 21, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to make a pilgrimage to the Path of Totality in order to witness this incredible astronomical event. On this day, the moon and sun will align in such a way that the moon will completely block the view of the sun. During approximately 2 minutes of totality, you can safely look directly at the sun with the naked eye and witness the sun’s corona – the outermost part of its atmosphere creating a stunningly beautiful crown of colors and movement.

In essence, although on a slightly less spectacular scale, this is what a dumpster enclosure does. It allows you to look directly at the trash area without the pain of looking at an unsightly dumpster. When done well, a dumpster enclosure can create an attractive area that blends beautifully with your project. By choosing durable materials in colors that match your building, your enclosure can protect your eyes from ugly dumpsters for far longer than 2 minutes.

You don’t have to wait for a special date on the calendar or use a fancy filter to witness dramatic change, simply reach out to one of our Project Managers any day you choose (we do try to let them off on weekends) and they will handle the rest.