Celebrating American Labor

What comes to mind when you think of Labor Day? If you’re like most Americans, you think of cookouts, good friends, a day off from work, and a great time to go shopping. But where did this fine tradition begin? While there is some dispute over who first proposed the holiday, it is known that the first celebration took place in New York in 1882 and that it was declared a federal holiday in 1894. The idea of a holiday grew during a time when skilled and unskilled laborers were exposed to dangerous and sometimes deadly workplace environments, exhaustingly long work hours, and very little pay. Looking back, you can thank this movement for your 40 hour work week, fair wages, and not having to get a job when you were 10.

At Cityscapes, Inc., we’ve remained loyal to the ideals of the labor movement by taking care of our workers – some of whom have been with us for over 30 years. In a time when many businesses are opting to hire more part-time workers to avoid paying for benefits, our focus is on hiring full-time associates at a fair wage in a work environment where safety takes priority. Our staff of highly skilled employees are treated like family. Really (Bob will never live down the day he showed up with his pants on backwards). Sure, we’ve implemented high-tech machining into our workflow, but there’s really nothing that can beat the quality work of a skilled artisan. We don’t take shortcuts that can diminish quality. We do things the right way. With the right people. Now, let’s all go grill some hot dogs.