Dumpster Enclosures
Hide What’s Inside!

Whether it’s retail, municipal, commercial, or multi-family residential, your building needs a dumpster. Traditionally, you might have used CMU with some type of gate, “because that’s what we’ve always done” (the most expensive words in business). Time for a change.

Covrit Dumpster Enclosures are elegant (even though we know what they’re concealing), durable, and made to order. Check out your options below.

Design Build Install

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Project Spotlight
Custom designed enclosure.

This ground screen was custom designed to coordinate with the look of a new senior living facility in Strongsville, OH. The project included enclosures for a generator, HVAC unit, and three dumpsters. It’s no accident that these enclosures enhance their surroundings. We color-matched the posts, frames, and vented aluminum stiffeners to the exterior building trim. The Plankwall Brownstone planks provide a seamless, zero maintenance complement to the surrounding landscape and building facade.

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Custom Horizontal Plankwall with Vented Aluminum Stiffeners, in Strongsville, Ohio
Location: Strongsville, OH
Style: Custom Horizontal Plankwall with Vented Aluminum Stiffeners.

Covrit Dumpster Surround Exploded View
PlankWall – Exploded View

Covrit® DE Features

  • Designed to Mount Directly on a Concrete Slab (no footers necessary)
  • Modular Assembly Goes Up in Hours, Not Days
  • Heavy Duty ToughGate Doors Used On Every Surround
  • Professional Grade Extruded Aluminum Posts and Rails
  • High Durability Powder Coated Structural Components Throughout
  • Wide Selection of Wall Infills and Gates to Suit Any Style and Budget
  • Up to a 10 Year Warranty (see details)


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Compare Dumpster Enclosures

The purpose of a Dumpster Enclosure is to hide or contain trash from sight. Care should be taken to ensure you have adequate room on all sides of the dumpster as well as enough height to conceal the top of container. Use the table below as a guide to selecting the best size enclosure.

Typical dumpster layouts include:



Holds up to one 10 yard
box or slant



Holds up to two 10 yard
boxes or slants



Holds up to one 10 yard
box or slant

Note: For multiple unit enclosure, multiply the length times the number of units


Dumpster Enclosure Options

Covrit Dumpster Enclosure - Single
Ideal for use in one-store retail, offices, quick-serve restaurants


Covrit Dumpster Enclosure - Double
Commonly used at shopping centers, office parks, municipal buildings


Covrit Dumpster Enclosure - Walk-in
Ideal for apartments, condos, mixed use, and where ADA compliance is required


Covrit Dumpster Enclosure - Multiple
Used in large shopping centers, hospitals, industrial facilities, and trash and recycling combos


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Our customers have great taste. Our most specified enclosures continue to be PlankWall, in both vertical and horizontal, with either Mission or Madison gates. As far as size, single and double enclosures are most common. Whether they’re modern or rustic, sleek or trendy, your designs are unique and timeless. PlankWall is too.

Need a gate or custom solution for an existing dumpster enclosure? We've got you covered

Just Need Gates?
ToughGate by CityScapes is the Answer!

Do you have an existing structure needing new gates? ToughGate Gates and Doors can be retrofitted to any existing site. Let our project managers help you with new posts or gates for any opening. Need a way to hide something besides a dumpster? Get creative with Covrit Screens and Walls.


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Our Most Popular Gates

Madison Gate




Sequoia Gate


7.2 Rib Metal Gate

7.2 Rib

Custom Print Ivy

7.2 Rib Graphic Option

Augusta Gate


Muir Woods Gate

Muir Woods

View more gates styles and possibilities

Dumpster Enclosure Wall Styles


Look closely. Touch it. Tap on it. Those might be odd recommendations for a dumpster enclosure, but this PlankWall material feels and looks like wood-grain without the up-keep of real wood. That means resistance to stains, mold, and mildew. PlankWall is engineered to last for years of worry free maintenance.

Plank Wall Vertical

Vertical Plank

Plank Wall Vertical

Horizontal Plank

Board and Batten

Board & Batten

Plank Wall Diagonal

Diagonal Plank

Covrit Wide Horizontal Plank Wall

Wide Horizontal

PlankWall Specs

  • Material: Wood grain textured cellular PVC planks
  • Thickness: 1/2″ and 1″
  • Post spacing: Up to 96″
  • Height: Up to 108″ tall


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PlankWall Color Options

  • Ashwood
  • Beechwood
  • Cedar
  • Chestnut
  • Olivewood
  • Sequoia
  • Slate
  • Brownstone
  • Kona
  • Morado
  • Silver Oak
  • Slate Gray
  • English Walnut
  • Coastline
  • Weathered Teak


The “industrial look” is in style and metal dumpster enclosures only amplify it. From a manufacturing facility to a new build with a metal façade, this panel option is sleek and modern, just like your design. We’ve also introduced Slat Wall, a stylish addition to the metal family.


7.2 Rib



Textured Flat Metal

Textured Flat


Perforated 7.2 Rib

Metal Specs

  • Thickness: 1″
  • Width: Varies with Height
  • Height: Up to 14′
  • Weight: 1 to 3.5 lb/sf

Cityscapes can match any PMS, RAL or other color code neededFor current color options contact our project managers.

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Slat Wall

Slat Wall Specs

  • Material: Powder-coated extruded aluminum
  • Thickness: 1″
  • Width: Up to 8′ span between posts
  • Slat Height: 4″ or 6″ each. Space between slats can be determined by client
  • Height: Up to 10′

True Louver

True Louver

True Louver Specs

  • Material: Powder-coated extruded aluminum
  • Thickness: 0.063″
  • Width: Up to 6′ span between posts
  • Height: Up to 10′

    Slat Wall & True Louver Color Options


    Cityscapes can match any PMS, RAL or other color code neededFor current color options contact our project managers.

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    It’s both versatile and durable. The Acrylicap® ABS panels are colored throughout and shaped using vacuum forming in a variety of styles. Customers may also choose to print graphics to the material.

    ABS Clapboard


    ABS Clapboard with Brick

    Clapboard with Brick

    ABS Louver

    Horizontal Louver

    ABS 7.2 Rib

    7.2 Rib

    ABS Graphic Option

    Graphic Option

    Acrylicap® ABS Specs

    • Material: Pre-treated ABS (Acrylic Butylene Styrene)
    • Thickness: 1.625″
    • Wall Width: Up to 78″
    • Wall Height: Up to 144″


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    Acrylicap® ABS Color Options

    • Alabaster
    • Almond
    • Cypress Moss
    • Forest Green
    • Shadow Gray
    • Slate Gray
    • Dark Bronze
    • Oyster
    • Putty
    • Ranchero Red
    • Sagebrush
    • Khaki
    • Mansard Brown

    Natural Wood & Stone

    The beauty of natural hard woods and cultured stone for a traditional, sophisticated look. We source the best grades of hardwoods for your unique project. We have engineered a simple way to add the look of cultured stone to your enclosure or screen wall. Select from multiple colors and styles to compliment your site.



    Ipe Covrit Wall



    Versetta Stone Tight Cut


    Versetta Stone Ledgestone



    Natural Wood Specs

    • Material: Cedar, Ipe, Tigerwood, Garupa, or Cumaru
    • Thickness: Up to 1″
    • Width: Up to 72″
    • Height: Up to 120″

    Stone & Brick Specs

    • Material: Versetta Stone Tight Cut, Versetta Stone Ledgestone & Brick
    • Thickness: 2″ Backer plus Versetta Stone or Brick thickness (Typical 1-2″)
    • Width: Up to 120″
    • Height: Up to 144″
    • Colors: Versetta Stone Color Options

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      Our modular system allows an architect or designer to mix a variety of wall styles that creates a truly unique, one-of-a-kind, look. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities allow us to turn your ideas into reality. So think big, we are ready.


      NatureScreen PlankWall

      Varying Size Slat Wall

      Varying Size Slat Wall




      Ipe Wood & Versetta Stone


      Ventilated PlankWall

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      Covrit® DE Accessories


      Standard Hip Post Cap

      Standard Hip

      Shallow Hip Post Cap
      Shallow Hip

      Fitted Cap

      Fitted Cap


      Cityscapes can match any PMS, RAL or other color code neededAsk about our standard colors or provide a PMS, RAL or any other color code.


      Standard Latch

      Standard Latch

      Modern Latch

      Modern Latch

      Our color matched, lockable latches are designed for years of maintenance free use.

      ToughGate Drop Pins


      Standard Drop Pins

      An important an often-overlooked gate accessory, drop pins hold your gates open when needed and closed when you don’t. We provide heavy duty durable, ½” stainless steel pins, with adjustable mounting hardware.

      Tipremember to check the drop pin hole regularly. The drop pin performs best if the hole remains cleaned out, ensuring full engagement of the pin.


      Since all are gates are made to order, you have numerous options for things like handles. Our standard gate handles or pulls are a high quality, heavy duty metal handle with a baked on enamel finish (black). If you want something more unique check out some of the Custom handles or pulls we’ve integrated into our gates. Explore custom options with Rock Mountain Hardware or Trademark Hardware.

      Standard Handles

      Standard Handles

      Custom Pull Handles

      Custom Pull Handles

      Security Lighting | Volt Lighting


      Volt Lighting

      Volt Lighting has been our “go to” partner for outdoor security and accent lighting. Their commitment to creating high quality, long lasting products, perfectly aligns with our vision. Check out all the lighting options at Volt Lighting.

      Auto Openers | Liftmaster



      Liftmaster provides a reliable and high performing gate opener that integrates well with our ToughGate solutions. A commitment to quality and a warranty that they stand behind, makes Liftmaster a great compliment to our gate system. Check out Liftmaster openers.


      Adding cutouts or decorative elements to your enclosure or gates is as much about design as it is function. A cutout can provide visual interest to a wall section or gate and also create a view port for security purposes, or ventilation for enclosed equipment. Our team loves the unique ideas that architects and designers have come up with. Share your idea with our team, we’re up for the challenge.

      Custom cutouts

      Custom cutouts

      Custom cutouts

      Custom cutouts


      Smooth Bollard Sleeve

      Smooth Bollard Sleeve

      Ribbed Bollard Sleeve

      Ribbed Bollard Sleeve

      Reflective Bollard Sleeve

      Reflective Bollard Sleeve