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Dumpster Enclosures

Whether it’s retail, municipal, commercial, or multi-family residential, your building needs a dumpster. Traditionally, you might have used CMU with some type of gate, “because that’s what we’ve always done” (the most expensive words in business). Time for a change.

Covrit Dumpster Enclosures are elegant (even though we know what they’re concealing), durable, and made to order. Check out your design options below.

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Project Spotlight

This is one of our favorite projects. Look how it turned out!

This ground screen, along with enclosures for a generator, HVAC unit, and three dumpsters were custom designed to coordinate with the look of a new senior living facility in Strongsville, OH. It’s no accident that these enclosures enhance their surroundings. We color-matched the posts, frames, and vented aluminum stiffeners to the color of the exterior trim. The Plankwall in Brownstone provides a seamless complement to the surrounding landscape and building facade.

We like this project so much, our manufacturing team has a photo of it posted at their workspace!

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Custom Horizontal Plankwall with Vented Aluminum Stiffeners, in Strongsville, Ohio
Location: Strongsville, OH
Style: Custom Horizontal Plankwall with Vented Aluminum Stiffeners.

Covrit® Features

PlankWall – Exploded View
PlankWall – Exploded View

Covrit® Features

  • Designs that fit all dumpsters
  • Elegant style components to coordinate with building elements
  • Modular assembly allows for easy installation (and repair, if needed)
  • Powder-coated extruded aluminum frame
  • Durable infill materials for maintenance-free use
  • Cost savings over traditional trash enclosure construction

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Compare Dumpster Enclosures

Compare Dumpster Enclosures

The purpose of a Dumpster Enclosure is to hide or contain trash from sight. Care should be taken to ensure you have adequate room on all sides of the dumpster as well as enough height to conceal the top of container. Use the table below as a guide to selecting the best size enclosure.

Note: For multiple unit enclosure, multiply the length times the number of units.

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Covrit can cover it - standard dumpster sizes

2 Yard BoxSingle110711′7′7′
2 Yard SlantSingle110711′7′7′
3 Yard BoxSingle110711′7′7′
3 Yard SlantSingle110711′7′7′
4 Yard BoxSingle110711′7′7′
4 Yard SlantSingle110711′7′7′
6 Yard BoxSingle111111′11′7′
6 Yard SlantSingle111111′11′7′
8 Yard BoxSingle1111W16′11′8′
8 Yard SlantSingle1111W16′11′8′
10 Yard BoxSingle111111′11′8′
*Walk-in style enclosures allow access to the side opening on the dumpster without the need to open the main gates. Commonly utilized in mixed used, retail, apartment and condo applications.

Dumpster Enclosure Options

Covrit Dumpster Enclosure - Single
Ideal for use in one-store retail, offices, quick-serve restaurants


Covrit Dumpster Enclosure - Double
Commonly used at shopping centers, office parks, municipal buildings


Covrit Dumpster Enclosure - Walk-in
Ideal for apartments, condos, mixed use, and where ADA compliance is required


Covrit Dumpster Enclosure - Multiple
Used in large shopping centers, hospitals, industrial facilities, and trash and recycling combos


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Our customers have great taste. Our most specified enclosures continue to be PlankWall, in both vertical and horizontal, with either Mission or Madison gates. As far as size, single and double enclosures are most common. Whether they’re modern or rustic, sleek or trendy, your designs are unique and timeless. PlankWall is too.

Need a gate or custom solution for an existing dumpster enclosure? We've got you covered

Gates only? A unique solution?

Do you have an existing structure or does building code require brick? ToughGate Gates and Doors have you covered without worrying about custom build.

Your project design might be missing some privacy or a way to hide something besides a dumpster. Get creative with Covrit Screens and Walls.

Got this far and still haven’t seen what you need? Continue down the page for style options or contact our team and we can help.

Dumpster Enclosure Wall Styles


Look closely. Touch it. Tap on it. Those might be odd recommendations for a dumpster enclosure, but this PlankWall material feels and looks like wood-grain without the up-keep of real wood. That means resistance to stains, mold, and mildew. No maintenance. PlankWall is engineered to last and enhances any building design.

Plank Wall Vertical


Plank Wall Vertical


Board and Batten

Board & Batten

Plank Wall Diagonal


Plank Series Specs

PlankWall Series Color Options

  • Ashwood
  • Beechwood
  • Cedar
  • Chestnut
  • Olivewood
  • Sequoia
  • Slate
  • Acacia
  • Brownstone
  • Kona
  • Morado
  • Silver Oak
  • Slate Gray


The “industrial look” is in style and metal series dumpster enclosures only amplify it. From a manufacturing facility to a new build with a metal façade, this panel option is sleek and modern, just like your design. We’ve also introduced Slat Wall, a stylish addition to the metal series family.

Metal Structural Rib

7.2 Structural Rib

Metal Painted

Textured Flat

Slat Wall

Slat Wall

Metal Series Specs

Metal Series Color Options

  • Igloo White
  • Winter White
  • Light Stone
  • Sandstone
  • Almond
  • Brownstone
  • Ash Gray
  • Polar White
  • Regal Gray

Slat Wall Series Specs

Cityscapes can match any PMS, RAL or other color code neededAsk about our standard colors or provide a PMS, RAL or any other color code.


It’s both versatile and durable. The Acrylicap ABS panels are colored throughout and shaped using vacuum forming in a variety of styles. Customers may also choose to print graphics to the material.

*This infill style is limited in size to 90” high and 40” wide.

ABS Clapboard


ABS Clapboard with Brick

Clapboard with Brick

ABS Louver

Horizontal Louver

ABS 7.2 Rib

7.2 Rib

ABS Graphic Option

Graphic Option

Acrylicap ABS Specs

Acrylicap ABS Color Options

  • Alabaster
  • Almond
  • Cypress Moss
  • Forest Green
  • Shadow Gray
  • Slate Gray
  • Dark Bronze
  • Oyster
  • Putty
  • Ranchero Red
  • Sagebrush
  • Khaki
  • Mansard Brown

Dumpster Enclosure Post Options


  • Surface mount your post with epoxy anchors
    Mount posts into a pre-existing pad using epoxy anchors. (preferred method)
  • Direct bury your post into a concrete pad
    Direct bury posts into a concrete pad


  • Standard Hip Post CapSTANDARD HIP
  • Shallow Hip Post Cap
  • Fitted Cap

Cityscapes can match any PMS, RAL or other color code neededAsk about our standard colors or provide a PMS, RAL or any other color code.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your average dumpster enclosure size?

The most common size requested is an 11’ x 11’ x 7 or 8’ tall. This would hold most single dumpsters. For sites with two dumpsters, we see 11’ x 23’ x 8’ as the most specified.

Can I color match the PlankWall to my building?

We have about 30 different plank colors available, so we should have something that matches or coordinates. We can paint to color match, but this will void the plank warranty.

Can I mix different color planks to make the enclosure multi-toned?

Since all products are made to order we can mix and match planks or wall styles in whatever way you would like.

How long does the process take?

This varies based on project complexity but typical would be this:

  • Project manager provides quote based on supplied information – within 48 hours
  • Customer supplies drawings and site information
  • Submittal package created and returned to customer within 2 weeks
  • Customer approval/acceptance of submittal
  • Production and shipping 4 to 6 weeks from approve (may vary with seasonal volume)

Can I get samples to look at before I purchase?

Sample materials are available for most products. Request them online or contact your project manager.

Do you offer installation?

Installation is available for all CityScapes products

Are your products made in the US?

Yes. We are proud to display Made in USA on all our products.

Can I get drawings?

Drawings and Revit family models are available for download.

What are my options for mounting? I already have a concrete pad set.

We will provide a Hilti epoxy system, surface mounting kit.

What is the recommended concrete thickness for surface mount?

Minimum concrete thickness should be 6” to ensure proper engagement of the anchor system.

How deep do the posts need to be for direct bury?

Direct bury depth varies by region and can be different for each municipality. Consult your local building code for minimum depth.

Can this be mounted on asphalt?

No, asphalt is too flexible and varies too much with changes in weather. Our systems require either direct bury or surface mounting to concrete.

What is the minimum distance I can set the posts from the edge of the concrete pad or footer?

Bolts should be a minimum of 4” from the concrete edge to prevent breakout.

Is the install easy enough that I can do it myself?

Yes. We provide installation instructions (including required tools list), and all required hardware. Typical install time for a single dumpster enclosure would be about 6 hours for two people.

What is the wind-load rating for your Covrit enclosures?

Covrit is designed to withstand 90 mph wind load. Stamped Engineering Drawings (SEDs) are available, if required.

Do you send the hardware to set the surface mount posts? What equipment do I need?

Yes, all hardware needed for install is included in your shipment. Consult the installation instructions for required tools.

My job site has variations in slope, do I need a site survey prior proceeding?

We strongly recommend a site survey whenever there is significant slope or any other areas of concern. Our goal is to eliminate the chance of error. A site survey definitely helps.

What lock options do you provide for gates? I need an automatic locking system.

Gates are provided with a lockable latch. For key card or other electronic locking systems please contact your project manager.

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