Team Colors

Have a favorite team color? We can color match it.

For many Americans, there are only two times of year: Football season and waiting for football season. Fans express their loyalty by proudly wearing and displaying their team colors. These colors become a source of camaraderie among strangers and spark anger among rivals. Fans become as loyal to the colors as they are to the team, with some colors becoming synonymous with the team. Mention Carolina Blue or Texas Orange and football fans will know exactly what you mean.

The precision of perfectly matching the team’s colors is both an art and a science. If you’re slightly off, true fans will notice. The same holds true for matching colors to your building. If you request a specific color, we’re happy to match it. Need a Carolina Blue planter for your restaurant patio in Chapel Hill? A Scarlet & Gray partition for your project in Buckeye Country? No problem. And we certainly aren’t limited to your team colors. We can match nearly anything. An SW, RAL or PMS codes, a sample of building materials you’d like to match… heck we can even color match a rock. So be as expressive as you’d like, we’re ready.