An urgent call for help from a national chain store customer was the starting point of what is now CityScapes, Inc. James Cullinan, our founder and CEO, was the recipient of that call. The customer needed a solution to a problem preventing the on-time opening of a new store location.

That phone call 17 years ago provided the inspiration for Jim to create Envisor®, a unique screening system for roof-mounted HVAC systems. With single-minded focus on that one problem for that one customer, the screening system was developed and installed. The store opened as planned and the Envisor® roof screening system soon became the industry standard. Jim’s lifelong passion to design and build continues to solve challenges for others.

Since 1997, CityScapes continues to experience exceptional growth. We maintain our focus on listening to each customer, understanding their unique needs and delivering on the promises we make. The success of Envisor® and a strong commitment to every customer led to the next opportunity for CityScapes. We expanded our view of the commercial construction market and found multiple opportunities to improve the aesthetics of screening methods used for dumpsters, ground HVAC systems, maintenance areas and other unsightly necessities of most properties.

These findings developed into a new generation of products in the Covrit® line, providing building owners, architects and general contractors with cost-effective alternatives to traditional methods of screening or buffering various ground applications. The Covrit® line of screening solutions includes beautiful walls and enclosures in a multitude of colors, textures and sizes. Designer gates, aptly named ToughGate because they are as strong and durable as they are attractive, supplement and coordinate with the wall systems. The elegant Plankwall product provides the rich look of stained hardwood with the strength and durability of an engineered material, resulting in a maintenance-free product that will last for decades. Jim’s most recent creation, a blend of natural elements and structural beauty, combines to create a unique screening solution called NatureScreen.®

The entire CityScapes team is excited about what our next chapter may hold. Our hope is to add you to our story and the legacy of our business with a focus on adding a touch of beauty to your unique project.