From better energy conservation to increased employee productivity, here are benefits for adding more greenery to your business environment

7 ways adding more greenery can benefit your business environment

When placed in a corporate environment, natural foliage and flowers positively enhance perceptions of your business. Exterior facades, interior walls, and walkways which are adorned with greenery present a more relaxed, welcoming and professional ambiance to visiting prospects and customers. People are impressed and automatically assume your company deeply cares about its brand and reputation. …

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Improve the look of your dumpster enclosure with Covrit

5 ways to improve the look and effectiveness of your dumpster enclosure

Dumpster enclosures provide communities and businesses with a functional and aesthetic way to hide unsightly garbage containers from view. Many enclosures are often hastily built and prove to be an eyesore in themselves but this needn’t be the case. We look at 5 ways to improve the look and effectiveness of your dumpster enclosure. Match …

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Have a favorite team color? We can color match it.

Team Colors

For many Americans, there are only two times of year: Football season and waiting for football season. Fans express their loyalty by proudly wearing and displaying their team colors. These colors become a source of camaraderie among strangers and spark anger among rivals. Fans become as loyal to the colors as they are to the …

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