Exploring some of the benefits of adding more greenery to commercial interior entrance lobbies

How commercial indoor lobbies can benefit from trellis screens

A company’s lobby area is where visiting customers gain their first impression of a business and its brand. What the customer experiences in those first few minutes can potentially influence the success of a deal or sale. It’s important therefore this space is well-designed and organized, as well as welcoming and pleasant. Lobby spaces, especially …

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Rooftop equipment roof screens can hide and protect

8 types of rooftop equipment roof screens can hide and protect

There’s often a lot of ugly-looking equipment on the rooftops of commercial and industrial buildings. It’s tempting to think because these are high up on a roof no one is going to see them, but they can. When viewed from a distance or from adjacent buildings, these unsightly units and features detract from the look …

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Hide your "ugly" equipment and improve how your company is perceived by customers

How your company’s brand image will benefit from hiding ugly equipment

The appearance of your commercial property can greatly influence how your prospects, customers, and employees perceive your brand. For many companies who look to cultivate a modern, stylish, sleek, and successful image, the presence of unsightly exterior equipment such as HVAC systems and weather-worn pipes, can detract from their brand’s appeal. Great branding is vital …

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