CItyScapes offers 6 ways to partition a shared condominium patio or balcony

7 ways to partition a shared condominium patio or balcony

Shared condominium patios and balconies can be a great way for neighbors to interact and come together in recreation. However, for the same reasons, they can also be a place people avoid due to lack of privacy and quiet. That’s why some shared condo spaces are sometimes partitioned with screens and other types of dividers. …

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10 ways to incorporate your brand logo into your commercial premises

Your company logo is the visual expression of your brand. When incorporated into various features of your company premises, the logo conveys strength and unity not only to outsiders but also to your employees. Together with your company name, it also signals to visitors they’re in the right place and supports the positive impressions they’ll …

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Exploring some of the benefits of adding more greenery to commercial interior entrance lobbies

How commercial indoor lobbies can benefit from trellis screens

A company’s lobby area is where visiting customers gain their first impression of a business and its brand. What the customer experiences in those first few minutes can potentially influence the success of a deal or sale. It’s important therefore this space is well-designed and organized, as well as welcoming and pleasant. Lobby spaces, especially …

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