Month: June 2019

Success at AIA: What we Learned

AIA 2019 was a great success!  We were able to show some of our new products and design features–but that’s not what made it a success.  We had multiple people commit to spec CityScapes products and some that even ordered our products–but that’s not what made it a success.

What made it a success was the tremendous feedback, suggestions and stories that were shared by the hundreds of people that stopped by our booth.  As a result of these conversations, we are intentionally violating the “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” rule.  The CityScapes team is taking the ideas and feedback shared in Vegas and integrating it into our products, our website and specifications.  Don’t worry, we won’t use any names or photos of the contributors.

The entire CityScapes team is looking forward to continuing the conversations we started at AIA ‘19 and look forward to AIA ‘20 in Los Angeles.


Cityscapes Booth at AIA 2019 - Front
Cityscapes Booth at AIA 2019 - Side