10 ways to incorporate your brand logo into your commercial premises

Your company logo is the visual expression of your brand. When incorporated into various features of your company premises, the logo conveys strength and unity not only to outsiders but also to your employees.

Together with your company name, it also signals to visitors they’re in the right place and supports the positive impressions they’ll gain when visiting your business.

Adding your logo and name to surfaces customers will see adds an important continuity to a visitor’s experience of your brand.

So where are some good locations in the grounds and facilities of your company to display your logo and company name?

1. Building facade

Your building’s façade is the first physical feature visitors to your company see. It’s something they look out for, based on their prior knowledge of your brand identity. They expect to see it from a distance and in this regard your logo and name need to stand out.

2. Roof screens

Roof screens are primarily used to hide ugly building equipment found on rooftops such as HVAC units and satellite dishes. They can also be used to feature company logos, not just at the front but right around the building, so your brand identity is seen from all directions and elevations.

3. Entrance signs

Branded entrance signs in the grounds of a company, usually situated on the route to the main entrance, provide reassurance to visitors they’re in the right place together with directional instructions they may need to follow.

4. Entrance gates

Like with the front façade, your entrance gates are one of the first things customers will see when visiting your premises. Whether large driveway style gates or small walkway gates, your company logo can be incorporated into the design.

5. Flags

When we think of flags we usually think of our national flag, yet they can also be used to identify commercial companies. A series of branded flags in the grounds, or attached to the building, can add decorative continuity to the appearance of a company HQ.

6. Outdoor screens and enclosures

The exterior areas of a company provide numerous opportunities to promote a company’s brand identity. Logos can be placed on courtyard walls, foliage-covered trellis screens, walkway surrounds, dumpster enclosures, and other types of partition screens customers will see.

7. Glass walls and doors

Some contemporary company buildings feature a lot of glass walls and doors. These can also be adorned with a company logo. Doing so can also potentially fulfil legal safety requirements which state large glass surfaces need clear and effective markings.

8. Lobby screens

Spacious lobbies often feature free-standing or wall-attached screens. They are used to break up big spaces and provide decorative elements to large wall areas. Trellis screens are also used to add more greenery to a lobby. These screens are also perfect for brand logos.

9. Light projectors

Light projection systems can project your logo onto any surface, whether static or in motion. Modern technology also allows for branded video stories to be beamed just about anywhere, inside or outside, day or night, and of any size.

10. Floors and carpets

People look to see where they are walking. Customers waiting for a meeting will glance at the ground in thought. The floor is an excellent way to cement brand awareness in the form of incorporated logos. Some options include logos being woven into carpets, stenciled into concrete, stained into wood, and more.

Custom designed surfaces

As you can see, your company logo and name can be placed on just about any surface.

At CityScapes we can add logos and company names to any of our products, including roof screens, ground panels, gates, trellises, and even planters. With years of experience through our sister company, National Sign Systems, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your signage (including your logo) meets all the requirements of your municipal code.

Whether inside or outside, your powerful and unifying brand identity can be everywhere.