Covrit® products provide an amazing combination of possibilities when choosing your next screening system. Below you’ll find all the tools you need to blend your unique solution into any environment. We offer numerous posts, wall infills, top trim, and gate styles that can be customized to any configuration. Every Covrit® product is manufactured in our facility in Central Ohio using the latest manufacturing techniques and equipment. Our engineers and project managers are ready to assist you with your next project. We love challenges!

Covrit® is the perfect screening choice for today’s modern businesses. Popular applications include:

Dumpster/Recycling bins
Decorative Walls and Gates
Courtyards, Walkways and Gardens
Restaurant Patios
Colocation Centers

Condominium Patio Partitions
HVAC Screens
Maintenance Yards
Portable Restrooms Surrounds
Pool Pumps/Heaters

Residential AC Systems
Hot Tub Surrounds
Propane tanks


Revit Models
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Board & Batten with Brick

Board & Batten


Clapboard with Brick


Painted Steel

Shallow Rib


Structural Rib

Stucco on Steel




Gates Park Collection - Augusta

Gates Park Collection - Madison

Gates Park Collection - Mission

Gates Park Collection - MuirWoods

Gates Park Collection - Redondo

Gates Park Collection - Sequoia

Gates Innova Collection - Avon

Gates Innova Collection - Canby

Gates Innova Collection - Flagstaff

Gates Innova Collection - Potomac

Gates Innova Collection - Richland



Years of experience and thorough testing allow us to provide reliable data on the performance of our screen wall materials and enclosure system durability.


Covrit® Frame Features


Image of Covrit Frame Specification Table


AcryliCap® Features and Benefits:

  • High-impact strength
  • Wall heights of up to 8′
  • Available in 12 distinctive colors, or custom match to your color palette
  • Great tolerance to UV exposure
  • Suitable for both high and low temperature climates


Image of Covrit AcryliCap Specification Table




Image of Covrit DeepWood Performance Specification Table


DeepWood® Features and Benefits:

  • 20-year warranty against cracking, peeling, splitting, cupping, blistering, flaking or rotting
  • Impervious to insects, structural defects from insect infestation and fungal decay
  • Wall heights of up to 12′
  • Available in 19 distinctive colors
  • Structural performance demonstrated from a temperature range of -20°F to 125°F
  • Designed and produced in accordance with ASTM D 7032-08


Image of PlankWall Infill Specification Table




Image of Covrit DeepWood Performance Specification Table


Metal Series Features and Benefits:

  • Stacking design for easy installation, reducing construction costs and time on jobsite
  • Exterior of 24 or 22 coated steel with a KYNAR coating
  • 20-year warranty against cracking and fading
  • Available in 5 panel styles and 12 standard colors, or custom color match to your tone
  • Wall heights of up to 14’


Image of Covrit Metal Specification Table




Image of Covrit Metal Performance Specification Table


Refer to the chart below to gauge the functionality of our ground screening against your project specifications.


Image of Covrit Structure Performance Specification Table